Peter Kruger
CEO and Founder

With 40 years experience in the energy industry I have maintained passion since my first role as an apprentice electrical fitter with the one South Australian Network Provider ETSA which is now called SAPN. 

From the base understanding of Energy and hands on work I have a great understanding of what is possible. Over the 40 years from Apprentice Electrician to Electrical Inspector and then further education in many Courses to a Associate Diploma in Marketing has given me a "hands on' understanding to the Management Operations in developing opportunities with informed knowledge.


Over 40 years in the Industry I have established trusting and long term relationships with many Large Market Clients in developing strategic plans for energy purchases and project opportunities. Strong relationships with retailers, contractors, network providers, industry bodies and many other associations to develop a balanced understanding for clients.


I am currently servicing customers who spend in excess of $250K in energy, projects and associated services in the Energy Large Market.